Kids Summer Camp

The ultimate Summer Camp for elementary school students!


A full week of sleeping in tents, outdoor cooking and of course the complete menu of NAC adventures. Everyday we take on a new challenge as we go from the river to the ocean and to the mountains. Rock climbing, rafting, sea kayaking and, guess what, no digital games. A full 7 day camp for the most adventurous, or a Short Summer Camp of 4 days for the time pressed kids.

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Summer Camp

Duration 14:00 28th Jul - 14:00 3nd Aug 2018
Price 66,850 yen
Age 7 - 12 yrs

Short Summer Camp

Duration 14:00 28th - 14:00 31st Jul 2018
Price 36,000 yen
Age 7 - 12 yrs
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Kids Summer Camp Kids Short Summer Camp

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