Oshoro Sea Kayak

Welcome to NAC's great sea adventure tour!


Held in the Oshoro Bay of Otaru, you will have exclusive access to untouched natural wonders. Some of the spectacles you will see include the nesting sites of seabirds, as well creatures of the sea, like starfish, sea urchins, fish and much more! The kayaks are very stable and easy to manoeuvre, so we welcome families and kids. They are two-seater, so the tour is perfect for couples or parents and their children.

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Duration 1st Jun - 30th Sep 2019
Price 5,700 yen for 13yrs over, 3,800 yen for 7 - 12yrs
Age 7 yrs +
Schedule 9:00-, 13:30-
Time 3 hours