JoJo's Restaurant

At 2nd floor at the NAC centre

CALL 0136-23-2220

6 6 2

JoJo's restaurant is the place for chilling out before or after adventures.

Excellent view, open feeling and enjoyable feeling as it like the NAC.

You can bring a laptop with free Wi-Fi.

When weather is good, open big windows then JoJo's becomes an open-terrace. You can grab coffee, burger while watching fantastic Mt.Yotei. We have a lot of spaces enough for big groups.

Come once and let's chilling out!

JoJo's lunch menus!

Lunch Combo 11:00~17:00

JoJo's original burger  ¥1,200
100% Hokkaido beef patty, fried egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce  

Salsa burger  ¥1,300
Much salsa sauce on a patty with parmesan cheese

Taco rice ¥1,300
Original tacos meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce, fried egg 

Salisbury steak ~with original demi-glace sauce~ ¥1,450

100% Hokkaido beef with rice, mini salad

JoJo's is opening 9:30 ~ 21:00 everyday. You can grab tasty meals whenever you would.

JoJo‘s Sapporo at the NAC climbing centre

You can watch Climbing & Bouldering areas at JoJo's Sapporo space.

Grab a coffee & JoJo's Niseko's cakes.