Special Bouldering Walls

It's perfect for events! We can build big bouldering walls for your event or property!

There's no need to head to NAC to enjoy rock climbing because we can bring the rock climbing to you!

NAC builds bouldering walls for your event or festival on a per day basis. The walls are built strictly by our well-trained staff and ensure quality and safety for everyone.

Having an event or festival soon and want to have a rock climbing area? Contact us now for more information.

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Basic Rental Fee / Day

Prices below are inclusive of staff, safety mats and insurance.

Item Price
Equipments rental fee 50,000 yen
Building, Removing fee 50,000 yen
Operation fee 26,000 yen
Transportation fee 30,000 yen (Depends on venue)
Charges 40,000 yen (Depends on venue)

Bouldering wall type

Free-standing 3-sided bouldering wall(Framework~Metal pipes/Walls~FRP)

The walls can be built on both indoor and outdoor depending on venue and weather conditions.

A space where build the wall W×4m D×4m H×4.5m
The wall size W×2m D×2m H×4m