Cat Tour FAQ

What is Cat Skiing/Boarding?

The machines you see grooming ski hills are similar to the ones we use to transport skiers/snowboarders into the backcountry. Here skiers/snowboarders can enjoy an exciting day with our guides, carving through powder and endless terrain while absorbing spectacular views. No lift lines, epic powder all day, great atmosphere, deep snow and untracked lines. It's like the first run on a chairlift on a powder day, every run.

What type of Snowcats do you use?

Fully equipped Piston Bully Snowcats. Luxury seating for 12, ski racks, panoramic view windows, and Wi-Fi sound system.

We operate only one Cat per day, which means that you have the whole mountain for yourself and your group. So no other people will be stealing your lines. It means fresh powder in every run.

Is Catskiing safe?

Every sport has its risks, and backcountry skiing is not an exception. But our team of guides are daily monitoring and checking the conditions to ensure your personal safety. They know the terrain and will keep you away from any known hazard.

You are required to wear a helmet.
You are provided with an avalanche beacon. It's ok to bring your own !

We work hard to make the tour as safe and fun as possible.

It is mandatory for all tour participants to sign a Waiver Form. Any participant under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign on their behalf.

What level of Skier/Boarder do I have to be?

You should be a strong skier, but you don't have to be an expert. You need to have experience skiing in powder snow.

Backcountry skiing is not for beginner skiers. If you aren't sure, please contact at NAC

What should I bring?

Powder skis or powder snowboard
Water drinks and snacks to have in between runs

Is there an age restriction for cat skiing?

At Nac we think that Cat skiing is for the whole family. But you must be over 13 years old in order to follow guide's instructions and keep a safety environment. Between 16 to 19 years old, teenagers are welcome to come by themselves, but the waiver form must be signed by a tutor or guardian.

What's kind of terrain will I find?

OTOE POWDER CAT RESORT used to be a ski resort. So, you name it, we have it! Old ski runs, wide open bowls, tree runs, gullies, ridges, mellow runs…

Can I drink beer/alcohol during the tour?

No, of course not! It is not permitted to drink alcohol or use any non-prescription drugs during your cat skiing day in order to keep a safety and fun environment.

Should I tip my hosts?

Gratuities are not expected or required however they are always appreciated.

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