NAC Sapporo Temporary Closure


Due to the closing of the RaSoRa shopping centre in Sapporo, NAC Climbing Gym in the building will be temporarily closed starting April 19 until May 6, 2020.

Should there be any changes after the 6th, we will keep you posted.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

URGENT NOTICE: Niseko Rafting during Golden Week


Reminders for health check:

  • Please check your body temperature before leaving your home or accommodation.
  • Refrain from participating if you have a 37.5 degrees celsius fever or higher, or if you have cough.

Please note that depending on your current symptom, we reserve the right to decline your entry in our premises.

Staring today until May 6, 2020, we will not charge any cancellation fees.

Payment procedure:

In order to maintain social distancing, please follow the rules below:

① Customers arriving by car

1 person per group should go to the front desk to get a copy of the consent form which should be filled up inside your private vehicle. Once forms are signed, submit to the front desk and pay.

Please provide us with your car plate number.

Change your clothes before your start time.

②Customers commuting via public transport or by shuttle / will just be dropped off

Upon arrival at the centre, please ensure safe distance amongst each other. One representative per group can approach the counter to submit consent form/s and payment.

Please change your clothes before the activity starts and wait out on the terrace.

Rafting tour groups

Instead of gathering the groups together, we will be dividing your group to avoid crowds. You will then wear the sanitized equipment handed to you (vests and helmets) and then start.

It will take slightly longer to prepare before we start with the rafting but we appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this pandemic.

For those that comes to the centre via commute, your designated guide will meet you at the terrace. Please be aware of your valuables and equipment. For those that arrived in their private vehicles, your guides will move you to your designated bus.

The guides will have their noses covered with a bandana or a face mask to avoid contamination. They might not hear as well so please be patient.

Bus trip

It takes about 10 minutes from the center to the start point of the river, and about 20 minutes on the way back from the main point to the center. Please take a seat as far apart from each other as possible.

Please keep conversations in the vehicle to a minimum.

Open some windows of the bus for ventilation, hence, it will be quite chilly.

Rafting proper

If possible, avoid paddle watering between boats to avoid contact with anyone other than each group.

Please refrain from deliberately jumping in the water from the two points in order to reduce contacts and maintaining body temperature on the way back.

JoJo's restaurant and lunch packs

You can enjoy lunch at the 2nd floor restaurant before and/or after rafting. We have reduced the number of tables to keep the distance between each seat. We also open windows frequently for better ventilation. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

Alternatively,, we will be providing take out options. When you make a rafting reservation, please inform us of the number of takeouts and/or delivery before the activity.

The restaurant will be open from 11:00 to 18:00 until prior notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience as we are going through disinfecting other tools and/or maintaining social distancing during operations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

NAC Climbing Gym Coronavirus Preventive Measures



NAC Climbing Gym is taking the following precautions and measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection:

  • Our staff will check your body temperature as soon as you arrive. In case you have 37 degrees celsius or higher, cold-like symptoms, coughing, we reserve the right to decline your entry.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly and use a disinfectant before climbing.
  • We will not be lending powder chalk but you are free to bring and use your own.
  • Please use liquid chalks available at the shop and should be used at least on the base before using your own powdered chalk.
  • Liquid chalks are available at the shop for at least ¥150 for 50mL.
  • The gym is regularly ventilated and left open for proper air circulation. We highly recommend for our guests to bring winter clothes as it may still get cold indoors.
  • All our gym equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily with alcohol.

Additionally, we have shortened the opening hours of the climbing gym daily from 11:00 - 20:00.

We want our climbers to still be able to enjoy the facilities.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Rafting & Adventure Park Discounts for Local Residents


Staring April 4, local residents within Shiribeshi area (Rankoshi, Makkari, Niseko, Kutchan, Kyogoku, Kimobetsu) will get to enjoy rafting at a discounted rate! Groups of 4 people with at least 1 local resident will be honored.

April 4 - May 31
Junior high school students: ¥6,300 → ¥3,780

Adventure Park
April 1 - April 28
Adults ¥5,000 → ¥3,000
Seniors ¥4,600 → ¥2,760
Elementary school students and younger ¥4,200 → ¥2,000
Junior high school students ¥5,000 → ¥2,000

*Please bring your residence card when availing of this promo.

When booking online, please enter "local79" in the code field of the adventure park website. Student fees will not be reflected, so if a different amount is displayed, it will be settled on the day of your tour.