NAC Climbing Gym Coronavirus Preventive Measures



NAC Climbing Gym is taking the following precautions and measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection:

  • Our staff will check your body temperature as soon as you arrive. In case you have 37 degrees celsius or higher, cold-like symptoms, coughing, we reserve the right to decline your entry.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly and use a disinfectant before climbing.
  • We will not be lending powder chalk but you are free to bring and use your own.
  • Please use liquid chalks available at the shop and should be used at least on the base before using your own powdered chalk.
  • Liquid chalks are available at the shop for at least ¥150 for 50mL.
  • The gym is regularly ventilated and left open for proper air circulation. We highly recommend for our guests to bring winter clothes as it may still get cold indoors.
  • All our gym equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily with alcohol.

Additionally, we have shortened the opening hours of the climbing gym daily from 11:00 - 20:00.

We want our climbers to still be able to enjoy the facilities.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.