NAC Winter Adventure in November


A beautiful snowy day at the tail-end of November, with fresh powder snow, comes the perfect day to do a little bit of snowshoeing and making our way to the NAC Adventure Park.

Bright and early on a Thursday morning, a few employees of NAC decided to head out to the Sun Sports Land and crossed the street where they hooked up their snowshoes and started climbing their way up the mountain.


With the very scenic view, we started hiking up and around the forest and came across some rabbit and fox tracks along the way. (Talk about being “one with nature”!)


We headed towards the NAC Adventure Park to check the venue and to try it out this winter. So in the middle of the forest, where the bamboo leaves were, we arrived at the starting point of the Adventure Park.


The second part of our adventure began as we walked up the vertical ladder, clicked ourselves on the ropes and started going through all sorts of challenges in 1 course!

It was soooo much fun!

The Adventure Park really is fit for children of ALL AGES.

There were no dull moments, it was all very challenging - considering we only did the easy course!

So for those who aren’t the active type of people, this is definitely the epitome of an adventure. You’ll feel like you’re training to become a Ninja Warrior!

For the thrill-seekers, you might want to try out the Red and Black courses just because you're brave (and fit) enough to finish all courses with 151 elements!

Either way, we assure you that it’s all worth it!

For more information on our snowshoeing tours and NAC Adventure Park, you can contact NAC Centre at +80-136-23-2093 or email us at [email protected]