Information before Christmas


20181221 8

Soon it will be Christmas! There sure are many people who come to Niseko and spend a white Christmas here! The Nac store front has totally converted to the winter specifications, but since in this season there are new activities, we will introduce them to you!

20181221 5

In the centre of the first floor by the front doors, the number of wine merchants has further increased this winter by one.CAVE DE BAMBOU

There are plenty of wine merchants on the main street in Niseko. Yet, in truth, I am grateful every time for your patronage and the pleasing recommendations you give on our behalf when you talk with others of the vintages that can be chosen. If you say amongst yourselves, “I want to drink wine,” “I want to talk about wine,” or “Let’s buy wine for Christmas,” then please definately come on through the door♪

20181221 1

So right here in this corner of NAC’s store has been placed ROKO’s shop, which sells skis that have been made in Kutchan. The local skiers of Niseko have come skiing and this has been from start to finish, completely made and by Niseco locals who started from zero. If you come to Niseco to ride then you will, without fail, want to ride the boards that are available for rent.

20181221 6

This here is JoJo’s Restaurant &, which is blessed with many regular customers. Please come for coffe breaks after skiing and Christmas dinner. We await your gracious presence with smiles.

Again, this time around the new year holidays, making reservations for snowshoe tours and riding lessons have become rather difficult. Please inquire well in advance. Tomorrow you will be introduced to the adventure park that can entered and exited by skis!!