About the clothes for winter Adventure Park



Winter Adventure Park has a lot of beautiful situations which has never experienced before. To fully enjoy this, the clothes is very important.

You can come with ski / snowboard clothes. This is the best and easiest way. Mitten gloves are little difficult to treat a karabiner. So it's better to bring inner gloves when you use mitten one.

This park has not only walk on the trees, but also there are the situations that ride on an element, hang on, crawl.

Check the belongings recommend!


【Outer jacket】Water proof and cold proof (Moisture permeability is best)
【Middle layer】Thermoregulationable layers
【Inner layer】Long sleeve or leggings which can be warm
【Hands】Water proof or cold proof gloves(Double layer is better.)
【Head】Beanie or cap that can put helmet on it.
【Feet】Warm socks


Winter boots, snowboard boots

*not allow wearing spiked boots


We recommend to off it for safety.