River activities finished


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Finally NAC green season activities finished today.

This year we had lots happening but we could finish without any serious problems.

Now we are bit busy to pack all summer stuffs, prepare winter stuffs but the center is still opening:D

Come at JoJo's to grab huge hamburger or tasty cakes with coffee while feeling last minute of autumn!

On the other hand, The Adventure Park is still opening at below schedule. We are also having lots guest as same as green season.


Until 11th November: Open at 9:00 - 17:00 ( Last entry is at 14:00 )

12th - 22nd November: Maintenance close for winter

23rd November - 31st March: Open at 10:00 - 14:00

Winter News


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Couple days ago - at the end of October, 1st of winter general had come with snow :)

That makes us exciting, it sounds like let notice us " Ready to enjoy? "

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The mountains are starting to be dusted with snow. It will be warm again but we are feeling the sign of green season ending as well.

On the other hands, few green season activities are still available! Rafting, Adventure park, trekking...etc

Spending last minute green season through activities must be fun :D :D :D

You should go there this weekend


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The name of the pond, "KAGAMI NUMA" means "MIRROR". You can go there with 1.6km mountain walking but main road will close on October 22nd. SO you should go there this weekend. There are not many people and I could smell animals closely. I recommend to bring bear bells or bear spray, or book our trekking tour.

WABI SABI JAPAN is waiting for you!

Big typhoon came


Morning guys! 42.4m/s gale blew in Kutcahn Niseko but our Adventure park and NAC centre are fine!!

The river has too much water we cannot have the tours at this morning, but the park is opening♪ You can come♪

<Update info at 10:07>

We decided to gave up all of river activities today :(

BUT Adventure Park is OPENING. Such a nice activity this is! Come come come ♪